We're in!

After months of planning, our move seemed to happen very quickly!

Suddenly the floor was down, the 3 phase electricity put in and the walls scrubbed and repainted. It took a lot of time and effort on Nathan's part, to clear out the previous kitchen and to sort all of our own stuff into a space several times larger than our old one.

We have completed a few test bakes and have found things take a little longer to prove than usual, as a lot of the heat is sucked out by the mighty extract we've had fitted, ready for our new ovens.

This has meant a quick rethink, and now a prover has become a priority over other large pieces of equipment we need.

We are also trialling a different schedule for proving our bread, with an overnight cold prove in the fridge, instead of overnight a room temp. This will give the bread even better flavour, but also give us a bit of a lie in too!

Having more space means we will be able to increase our online shop stock, on a Saturday in particular, a welcome change for a lot of you I know! Our new oven can fit as many loaves on 1 deck as we can fit in our current Rofco oven, and we have 3 decks!

Coming soon we will be introducing Click & collect to our our website, meaning you can come down to the shop and collect your order, at a time to suit you, rather than waiting in to receive your delivery. 

We are hoping to have local collection points in Wallingford too, we have a lot of very loyal customers who used to buy our bread from Cafe Ribizli there, that can no longer get their hands on our tasty bread since Ribizli closed. We have a few wholesale customers out that way that we are in talks with to become bread drop locations, so watch this space!

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