About us

     We are a small team of passionate bakers dedicated to bringing better bread to the people of Reading.
Our focus is on naturally fermented sourdough and pastries, made by hand, from scratch, using local and seasonal produce wherever possible.
Our ingredient lists are small and our flour, butter and milk all sourced from within 50 miles of Reading - you won't find any additives or hidden nasties here, only great tasting food that is good for the mind, body and soul!
We have a strong ethos of community over competition, collaborating with other local indies and hope in the future to run a bread lab, where you can come and learn how to make your own sourdough and other bakes at home.
We are a fully insured and registered food business, from the beginning of February 2021 we moved to a central Reading kitchen, in Chatham Place,  which has allowed us to offer click and collect and increase our product range.
Wednesday to Saturday 09.00 - 14.00
About our founders
Nathan's  Story
Even as a young child, I really enjoyed cooking. At home we had a large family cookbook and I would often search out the recipes for making Victoria sponges, shortbread and pancakes. Looking back, I can now see it was just a way of ensuring that I got a regular supply of cakes!
As I have grown up my tastes have changed and I now enjoy the creative challenge, the textures and the sense of theatre which, comes from transforming simple ingredients to healthy and wholesome food.
Real bread is great on its own, but also goes with so many different other foods either centre stage or as an accompaniment. Plus, there are so many different combinations with different tastes.
For me, Rise Bakehouse is about natural, organic and good quality ingredients, that are combined together, complimented with handmade baked goods to provide treats and meals that are tantalizingly delicious.
Sophie's Story
“Licking the spoon" is the earliest memory I have of baking. My mum would often let me have the spoon or spatula to lick when she had finished making her legendary chocolate cake in her mixer.
The first thing I learned to make on my own was a simple sponge, and the “2oz butter, 2oz sugar, 2oz flour, 2oz egg" recipe still comes in handy, but since completing my NVQ in Patisserie and Confectionary at night school, I realised I wanted more than just to be a home baker making sponges.
My passion is making great food for people, taking pleasure in the slow craft of sourdough, the precision croissants require, and knowing that a little bit of the joy I experience in the making, is felt by my customers in the eating.
For me, Rise brings together every day staples, like bread, and the mouth watering treats of traditional patisserie, with a focus on eating seasonally and supporting local businesses wherever possible.